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Ready to Dominate Keywords on Amazon?

"No tool gives you the comprehensive insights to keywords and their contributions to product ranking like KDBoosted. Keyword dominators ability the pull in multiple data sources and analyze not only your listing but the top competitors gives you a clear advantage. I love the filter lists and export function which makes it easy to show the terms to focus on to maintain and improve rank. Our keyword research process has been sped up greatly since the release of this game changing tool allowing us the research more search terms and listings in a fraction of the time!"

- Jeff Anderson (The Bedrock Agency)

 "As a VA that focuses on assisting Amazon FBA Store owners, FBA Excel Tools is life-changing! They make finding the right keywords, PPC campaign creation, daily optimization, and metrics monitoring so much easier and faster all while having complete control over each variable. We have been using these tools for about 4 months now and I'm still in awe how Brett created these insanely BADASS TOOLS!"

- Paulo Buenaflor (Amazon VA)

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