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Struggling with Ranking Keywords + PPC on Amazon?

Meet AdTactix,

Meet AdTactix,

Keyword Dominator, and the FBAExcel Tools Suite


PPC Platform






Why Choose FBAExcel?

Run Amazon PPC Like a Well Oiled Machine

Our AdTactix bulk operations PPC platform is an industry leading solution leveraged by hundreds of 6, 7, and 8 figure sellers that want full control of their ad accounts.

Rank For More Keywords

Keyword Dominator may be the most ROI positive tool on the market. This listing optimization tool will leave your competitors in the dust and you on Page One.

Master Amazon Financials

Knowing your numbers is essential when running a successful brand. Our Boox Accounting Platform makes this important process a cinch.

Easily Track Critical Performance KPIs

 Metrix takes care of the guesswork when in comes to managing your products daily performance so you can make better data driven decisions.

And Coming Very Soon ...

We Let Our Users

Results Do the Talking ...

"AdTactix is a Godsend for my business and sanity! After painstakingly testing numerous (expensive) Amazon PPC tools that either A. Did a terrible job of optimizing my campaigns or B. Could not do even half of what I wanted I finally discovered AdTactix.

This tool literally saves me hours of time & stress every week by effectively & efficiently doing the bulk optimization work for my campaigns. This tool is also makes it super easy to do pretty much whatever you want including identifying top PPC targets that are generating the bulk of sales in order to scale up. Or quickly identify poor performing targets to immediately kill and keep from wasting your budget.

This is THE MOST innovative Amazon PPC tool on the market built by actual Amazon sellers - for sellers and the results speak for themselves. Honestly, can’t recommend enough. 11/10."

Sumner Hobart (Amazon Seller & Coach)

"Hey bud, so after rounding the end of the first month actively using APEX, I was able to present the owner with numbers showing a 20% increase in total units sold, just this last month. Which is a contrast to our "norm". He wants to start looking into taking our main brand off of the SaaS software we currently use and APEX!"

Aaron (Amazon Seller)

"I just wanted to write you an email and say I love the target sniper tool. For once in my FBA journey I dont perceive PPC as the boogie man or something to be feared. Every morning I tweak my targets using AdTactix and target sniper. It literally saves me money when I can see spend and cut it before it gets too bad.
Just wanted to say I appreciate this tool and the work you put into the entire suite of features/tools. This shit is real. I feel like I can finally grow whereas for the longest time I couldn't understand how to scale because PPC was eating everything."

Justin (Amazon PPC Manager)

"No tool gives you the comprehensive insights to keywords and their contributions to product ranking like KDBoosted. Keyword dominators ability the pull in multiple data sources and analyze not only your listing but the top competitors gives you a clear advantage. I love the filter lists and export function which makes it easy to show the terms to focus on to maintain and improve rank. Our keyword research process has been sped up greatly since the release of this game changing tool allowing us the research more search terms and listings in a fraction of the time!"

Jeffrey Anderson (The Bedrock Agency)

                                                    Matt Atkins (Amazon Seller)

The FBAExcel Toolkit

🧰️ Everything you need to scale your Amazon Business!

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How many accounts do I need if I run multiple Brands + Marketplaces
We break account types into two types 1) USA marketplace and 2) Combination of "All Other Marketplaces including Pan-EU, CA, etc". You will need two  separate FBA Excel Accounts if you operate both of these types for one brand. If you have multiple brands with different seller IDs you will need additional accounts. For more details on our agency and bulk account pricing click here. 


PPC Platform

With AdTactix you can...

  Optimize all of your Amazon PPC Ads
  Centralize all of your keyword metrics 
  Easily harvest new keywords to launch
  Create new PPC campaigns in bulk
  Reduce wasted ad spend and more!!
All Access • No Contracts • Cancel Anytime
All Access • No Contracts • Cancel Anytime


Keyword Research

Keyword Dominator can...

  Combine over 10+ keyword sources
  Optimize your Amazon listings fast
  Spy on competitors keyword rankings
  Monitor keyword PPC performance
  Help you outrank the competition


KPI Tracking