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"Adtactix is a Godsend for my business and sanity! After painstakingly testing numerous (expensive) Amazon PPC tools that either A. Did a terrible job of optimizing my campaigns or B. Could not do even half of what I wanted I finally discovered Adtactix.

This tool literally saves me hours of time & stress every week by effectively & efficiently doing the bulk optimization work for my campaigns. This tool is also makes it super easy to do pretty much whatever you want including identifying top PPC targets that are generating the bulk of sales in order to scale up. Or quickly identify poor performing targets to immediately kill and keep from wasting your budget.

This is THE MOST innovative Amazon PPC tool on the market built by actual Amazon sellers - for sellers and the results speak for themselves. Honestly, can’t recommend enough. 11/10."

- Sumner Hobart (Amazon Seller & Coach)

Adtactix Alacarte Plan!

"WOW, this latest update was a massive quantum leap forward! The ability to consider organic ranking and ASIN Search Query Performance data in bid optimization is NEXT LEVEL and is already saving me HUNDREDS in otherwise wasted daily ad spend. I have well over 1,000 ppc campaigns to manage, it used to be an impossible task but now I look forward to my weekly optimization sessions. Keep the magic coming!!!!"

Mark Leenheer (Amazon Seller)

"I don't trust software in general, especially when it comes to PPC. Everyone is selling you their amazing system based on next-level AI's. After having tried almost all PPC software in the past, I came to the conclusion that there's just nothing better than manually doing it via Macros. At least at that point I knew it was being done properly. Having paid numerous developers in creating scripts for me, I came across Brett and FBAexcel. It was truly a life changer. The difference between FBAexcel and others is that it's made by someone that had the same frustrations as I had and actually lived in the Amazon trenches as I have. The tools are semi-automatic and I actually see all the tools as an extension of my actions, where I still hold the majority of control over the management and the way how I want to manage my PPC. Creating thousands of campaigns set up properly in just a matter of a couple of hours, is unheard of. Combine it with Apex and Stoptimizer and you'll actually have that drop the mic moment. Brett I can't stress enough how you changed the game. Who needs a nice shiny object based on AIs when you can have FBAexcel instead? "

- Cedric (Amazon Seller)

"Fbaexcel has completely transformed my amazon ads and it saves me so much time. It organizes and maximizes the profitability of my campaigns. So many extra tools and customizable settings to drive the results that you need. Easy to start and easy to learn. I have tried several other PPC tools and this is by far the best. Also FBAexcel brings you several other tools to understand your numbers. Metrix can help you keep track of sales trends and tacos, to really understand your profitability. I will always recommend these tools and I look forward to what they come out with next."

- Andy Craig (Driven Amazon Seller)

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